I am a College Sophmore residing in Long Beach, which is the southernmost area of the Los Angeles/ Orange County borderline. I do not take hormones nor have I undergone surgery. I am Caucasian and American Indian. I try to enjoy my time with men I meet, because if I'm not enjoying what I do, then there's no point in doing it. I am well reviewed and well worth it!  

let's get this out of the way now...


Please Be Aware... I cannot nor Will Not talk about Money in the same conversation as Sex. So before you impulsively start talking dirty on the phone, realize that if you do, you've pretty much halted the discussion from going any further.

Additionally, Please do not call me to request "massage." I am not a licensed massage therapist, and therefore, it would be a chargeable, illegal offense to offer that service.

(this is a common tactic used by law enforcement to include a lesser crime, typically as a backup charge, when failing to entrap a suspect into charges of solicitation.) 

Although my demeanor on the phone is often stern, cold, and'or indifferent... it is not indicative of my manner in person. I will not bother taking you seriously if you won't speak to me on the phone.
I am glad you're showing interest in me... Please view my photos, Contact info, Rates, and other information via the menu icon inthe top right corner of the page. Enjoy, and know that you have nothing to fear, and nothing to regret.

So go ahead...

take a bite of the forbidden fruit.

Give me a call...

(213) 538-8813


I am also an Eros Verified provider... You can view my Eros.com ad here!